Simply create as many Direct Debits as you need via the links on the home page.

You can also assign which charities you would like us to donate your payments to via the short form at the bottom of the home page.
Any saver who struggles to meet their bank account's Direct Debit requirements to receive the higher rate of interest or doesn't want to have their Direct Debits across multiple accounts but still ben
There is no limit the number of the Direct Debits you can set up on one account but you do have to be a bit careful with how you set the Direct Debits up.

For example, if you would like two Direct Debits on the same account, you would need to sign up for the same payment date twice. If however you signed up to two different payment dates on the same account, this would appear as only one Direct Debit on your account.
Yes, you can use our service on as many different bank accounts as you need. We have multiple members who have set up Direct Debits across a number of accounts to maximise the interest they are earning!
If you decide payments are no longer necessary, simply cancel the Direct Debit with your bank, which can be done online, on the phone or in branch.

There is no cancellation fee for cancelling your Direct Debit and you can rejoin onto a payment scheme whenever you want.y are earning!
No, signing up for a Direct Debit does not adversely effect your credit rating as long as no payments are rejected by your bank due to insufficient funds.

In fact, regular payments paid in full can help improve it – see Barclays’ advice for more information at https://www.barclays.co.uk/credit-cards/what-is-a-credit-rating/
Following feedback from our users we decided to rebuild our website from scratch to make setting up Direct Debits quicker than ever.

We hope you like the new site and welcome any feedback!
Just email us at hello@onepounddd.com letting us know for which account you would like to change the payment date and we will do all the hard work for you!
Yes, payments are handled by GoCardless, who are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, and store your data using military grade encryption.

We do not store any of your confidential bank data ourselves.
If we've taken payment without your permission or any other error occurs when taking payment, you are entitled to a full refund by way of The Direct Debit Guarantee.

The guarantee protects customers paying by Direct Debit in the unusual event that there is a payment error and entitles them to a full immediate refund.
You can choose to set your Direct Debit to be paid on the 1st, 10th, 20th or the last day of the month.

In the case of the first three payment plans, if the date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the payment will be taken on the next working day.

The last day of the month scheme takes payment on the last working day of each month.
All references will be under GoCardless’s name but contain “ONEPOUNDDD” so you'll know which ones have been set up with us.
Yes, our website and the payment pages are both tablet and mobile compatible.