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One of the best ways to currently maximise the interest you earn is via current accounts and their linked regular savers, some of which offer up to 5% in interest.

Savings accounts and fixed term bonds are way behind and often don’t come with a current account’s flexibility. This page shows a number of ways you can use to help you maximise your interest.

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Scenario 1: I don't have enough Direct Debits

Meet Simon. He's been saving up for a new car and currently has £5,000 in his bank account which pays him interest of 0.5%, equivalent to £25 a year. 

Simon wants to switch to an account with Bank A which pays 4% but only if he has two paying Direct Debits. Unfortunately, he only has one Direct Debit.

However, by using he can now add an extra Direct Debit for just £1 a month and earn 
£188* in interest a year, £150 a year more than before!

 * After the £1/month fee

Scenario 2: I don't want to move my existing Direct Debits 

Meet Jess. She already has 4 Direct Debits in her main current account and wants to set up the same account as Simon and deposit it £5,000. She will earn 4% in interest a year as long as she has two paying Direct Debits a month. 

Jess feels moving the existing Direct Debits will be too much hassle and she'll have to make sure there’s enough money in the account every month to pay the bill. 

However, using Jess can keep all of her existing Direct Debits in her main account and set up as many new Direct Debits as she needs in the new account at £1/month in order to earn an extra £176* in annual interest.

 * After the £2/month fee

Scenario 3: I want to set up a Regular Saver but require a current account with some Direct Debits 

Meet Natalie. She wants to set up a regular saver depositing £400 a month and earning 5% but the bank requires her to first have a current account with at least 2 Direct Debits going out a month. 

She doesn't want to move any of her existing Direct Debits so uses to set up the 2 Direct Debits on the current account. Natalie can now open a regular saver with the Bank and earn an extra £87.50* a year interest.

 * After the £1/month fee

What about the minimum transfer requirements?

Most current accounts also require you to have a certain amount of money coming into the account every month before you qualify for the higher interest rate.

To fulfill this requirement you can simply set up 2 Standing Orders across two of your own accounts using internet/telephone banking: 

Standing Order 1: From Bank A to Bank B for the minimum monthly requirement.
Standing Order 2: From Bank B to Bank A for the same amount 5 days later (this takes into account delays in payment/weekends).

Always ensure you have enough money in Bank A to transfer out and the two payment dates fall within the same month. Going into your overdraft on either account will erase any returns you hope to gain!